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Introducing the
Tactile Telerobot

Developed in Partnership with the
Converge Robotics Group
and competing in the ANA XPRIZE Finals


The sense of touch is required for human dexterity, but has been absent in robotics. We believe this is precisely why robotic dexterity is so far behind human capabilities. With a proven record in creating the world's most advanced tactile sensors and robotic solutions incorporating the sense of touch, Tangible Research and its founder Dr. Jeremy Fishel are working to bring the sense of touch to advanced robotic and telerobotic dexterity.


At Tangible Research we specialize in incorporating haptics into robotics. Through our partnership with the Converge Robotics Group we have created the Tactile Telerobot, an anthropomorphic telemanipulation system with unparalleled tactile sensing and haptic feedback. We are now focused on advancing this technology further to create more immersive experiences. Contact us today to order a Tactile Telerobot, individual components, or to discuss your haptic needs in robotics and telemanipulation.






Featured Product

Converge Robotics Group's Tactile Telerobot

Control and feel a pair of robotic hands as if they were your own

This work brought together several advanced robotic components to deliver the highest fidelity telerobotic experience possible:

Shadow Robotic Company's anthropomorphic Dexterous Hand mimics human motion with 24 degrees of freedom

HaptX Gloves DK2 captures hand motion with precision and deliver realistic tactile and force feedback​

SynTouch's BioTac biomimetic sensors capture force, temperature, pressure, and vibration with equal resolution to a human finger.

When combined, these components allow the telerobot to capture and control motion, manipulate fragile or rigid objects with precision, and give the user control through tactile feedback. 

Featured Project

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IEEE Spectrum

"This is one of the most advanced teleoperated robots we've ever seen"


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