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HaptX Gloves DK2


Gloves DK2

HaptX achieves true-contact haptics through its patented microfluidic technology which replicates the feeling of touching real objects. Each HaptX Glove features over 130 discrete points of tactile feedback that physically displace the user’s skin up to 2mm. HaptX Gloves also feature the industry’s strongest force feedback, with exotendons that apply up to 40 pounds of dynamic force feedback per hand (8 lbs./35 N per finger). Finally, HaptX Gloves incorporate the most accurate hand tracking, a proprietary magnetic system which captures 30 degrees of freedom per hand with sub-millimeter precision.


The only VR gloves with true-contact haptics

HaptX has been the industry leaders in developing advanced and realistic haptic gloves. The HaptX Gloves DK2 is a portable system that is able to deliver high-fidelity force and tactile feedback to the operator allowing for unparalleled immersion and performance in telemanipulation tasks.

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