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Shadow Dexterous Hand

It’s the ONLY robot hand on the market to have 24 movements and 20 degrees of freedom (DOF) for increased flexibility in grasping and manipulating a range of objects. Each finger moves side to side independently, for unparalleled dexterity and there are a total of 129 sensors to increase accuracy and enable high-level precision.


The World’s Most Dexterous

Humanoid Robot Hands

Shadow Robot is Britain’s longest-running robot company building next-generation robot hands and teleoperation systems. Shadow’s flagship product is the Shadow Dexterous Hand, the world’s most advanced robot hand, reproducing, as closely as possible, the kinematics and dexterity of a human hand. It is an excellent fit for telemanipulation tasks where the full dexterity and control of human hands is required. This includes difficult, dangerous and distant tasks such as those within nuclear decommissioning, pharma-labs and remote maintenance.

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Shadow Robot Company's Dexterous Hand
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