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The Tactile Telerobot

Converge Robotics Group
Integrating State of the Art Technology

Tangible Research is a founding partner in the Converge Robotics Group, which brought together several advanced robotic components to deliver the highest fidelity telerobotic experience possible: HaptX gloves capture hand motion with precision and deliver realistic tactile and force feedback; Shadow Robotic Company's anthropomorphic Dexterous Hand mimics human motion with 24 degrees of freedom; and SynTouch's biomimetic sensors capture force, temperature, pressure, and vibration with resolution equal to the human finger.

When combined, these components allow the telerobot to capture and control motion, manipulate fragile or rigid objects with precision, and give the user control through tactile feedback from anywhere in the world.

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The Tactile Telerobot

Converge Robotics Group is on a mission to extend the reach of human cognition, sensation, and manipulation through the integration of advanced technologies. Converge was formed in 2020 by founding members HaptX, Shadow Robot Company, and Tangible Research.

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Shadow Robot
Universal Robot
Dexterous Hands
Tactile Sensing
Haptic Gloves
Robotic Arms
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How it works...

  • An operator wearing the haptic gloves controls the robotic hands and arms at a safe distance from a few feet to a few planets away.

  • The robot hand movements mimic the user's hand and arm movements, allowing for precise material handling and task completion.

  • Sensors on the robotic hand relay touch sensation back to the operator through the haptic gloves. The user can feel what the robot is touching and the system harnesses biological reflexes and spatial awareness for optimized control. 


Telerobots are ideal for situations when human intelligence and dexterity are required but for reasons such as safety, physical distance, or accessibility, it is undesirable to put a person in that environment. Tangible Research provides expertise in high-performance telerobotics. Contact us today to discuss your specific application or interest.


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“The holy grail of robotics… one of the most complicated and beautiful pieces of natural engineering”

Luke Dormehl

Digital Trends

"Weirdly natural... this is really impressive, the tactile feedback is really tremendous"

Jeff Bezos, CEO


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